About Us

Little Tribe Children’s Foundation Board of Directors

These are the leaders who have dedicated themselves to support the Little Tribe mission. We are a multi-talented group with a deep and abiding conscious commitment to life and happiness. We have enrolled in Little Tribe’s mission to enliven the healing processes of special children with our time and art. Our goal is to chart a clear course to bring creative healing to children in need of art and music.
Joey Damico – Founder / CEO
Zack Darling – Co-Founder / CFO
Jade Turgel – VP of Creative Direction

We are currently interviewing for additional board members of Little Tribe. If you’re interested in applying to join the board, please feel free to contact us.

LTCF-Joey-Bio Joey Damico

"Joey D" I was born in Oakland CA. , but was raised in the East Coast, a small town called Warwick ...

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Zack Darling Zack Darling

"My attitude is gratitude." I feel my greatest calling in this world is to bring people together. I...

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Jade Turgel and family Jade Turgel

Jade Turgel's art and vision are global, as she has always been a child of the world. Writing has be...

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