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Music-therapy2Among today’s many kinds of therapy for healing the hearts, minds and bodies of young people, music and art programs have proven especially successful. Participatory art therapies can open new worlds for children struggling with serious illness. Immersion in expressive art moves a child into the creative side of the brain where they can turn away from their troubles for a time. They are better able to cope with the stresses of dealing with illness. The life-affirming pleasure of making art and music gives them the courage to hope and heal.

The goals of art and music therapy include encouraging children to express their feelings and thoughts about their conditions and the traumas that may be part of their treatments. Children are helped with body image and gaining feelings of control when they become part of an interactive group of other children and expressive art therapists. They learn techniques to control their fears and pain and to adapt to temporary or permanent physical limitations.

We at Little Tribe have seen this first hand and feel called to support creative projects for kids within our community. Little Tribe is based in Northern California, which is home to a lively and diverse art and music culture. Our course is to research, support and expand programs with art and music as central components of the healing process, and to call upon local artists to contribute their time, resources and genius to helping these kids.

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