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Posted By: cliffypop Posted In: Date Posted: June 28th, 2012
Jade Turgel and family

Jade Turgel’s art and vision are global, as she has always been a child of the world. Writing has become a healing part of being a mother and exploring the inward journey of loving what is. Jade is also a film director and accomplished photographer.

Book descriptions:

Princess of NO

Have you ever thought life just wasn’t that fair? Or been offered a snack but you just didn’t care? Do you wish the world would just go with your flow? Then you must know the princess, the Princess of NO. She says no to everything that comes into view, to cleaning, to bedtime, to food and sweets too! But soon she takes notice, all the “no’s” that she told, leave her lonely and hungry and tired and cold. So she changes her theory and tries on a “yes”, and becomes a new princess, the Princess of YES!

In these 43 imaginatively colored pages, your child will learn one of life’s most important lessons: The importance of a positive attitude.

The Prince of Uh-Oh

Do you like to play rough? Do you run, jump and shout? And wherever you’re going do people say ‘look out’? Would life be more fun if it wasn’t so slow? Then you might be related to the Prince of Uh-Oh. He’s wild and rowdy and likes to destroy. He makes quite a mess for one little boy. He tramples up the garden and controls all the chickens, smashes sandcastles and wears fireproof mittens! But just when he’s ready to do it again, he looks all around and he can’t find his friends. His destructive methods made them run away, so he changes his tune and asks them to stay. And forward he went, from that very day, to start a new life as the sweet Prince of YAY!!

In these 34 magically illustrated pages your child will learn the importance of being aware of his surroundings and of the feelings of the people around him.