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Posted By: cliffypop Posted In: Date Posted: February 19th, 2013

“Joey D”

I was born in Oakland CA. , but was raised in the East Coast, a small town called Warwick R.I. After College, and a computer science degree, I began a career in Technology sales.  I was part of company that was the first Apple and IBM personal Computer dealer in the U.S.   This is when the sales of personal computers  was in its infancy.  I literally sold one of the first Macintosh Computer ever in that part of the company. After six years in that industry,  I moved into the High End Non Impact print arena for Network attached printers, and personal Computer, then on to Data Storage, Network and Web based Consulting Services, and Real Estate Development, ….then Back to Technology startups focused on Network Operations, and Storage Software right here in San Francisco and Mountain View.

I took a two year sabitical from technology and lived in Costa Rica for when it was still considered “a third world country”… and learned a lot about what its really like to live outside the creature comforts of the U.S..  I could no longer take for granted  what we always had in the US, ie: water, electricity, and food options, or even sanitation ….. I birthed my first child there and did some Real Estate Development.

Upon returning from Costa Rica, tanned, …but broke, I borrowed some money and became an Entreprenuer and developed Three successful small businesses, over 10 years, selling two of them, with one is still active and successful today.

After some Life altering experiences, I wanted to make a difference while I was still in this realm, and create a legacy to be proud of. I always had a very soft spot for children, so I chose to embark into the Non-Profit arena, specifically focused on children in need right here in our “backyard”, and Little Tribe was birthed.