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Posted By: cliffypop Posted In: Date Posted: February 19th, 2013
Zack Darling

“My attitude is gratitude.”

I feel my greatest calling in this world is to bring people together. I find no greater joy than seeing a sea of smiling faces in the crowd where everyone is cherishing the experience or introducing two friends who eventually become friends. I’m deeply in love with the world and am electrified with life. My spiritual path is strong in my heart and I enjoy the work necessary to expand my consciousness, no matter how challenging. I am also strongly connected with my community which serves as the fuel of inspiration that drives my personal passions.

My professional experience lies in event production and creative graphic design. I work for myself and do a variety of different jobs – all of them creative. Primarily I work with a marketing agency under my own name. I do a lot of creative graphics, marketing, photography and web design. I’ve also been known as the Night Time Production Manager for the Harmony Festival, the Lead Producer for the Mystic Beat Lounge Productions, the North Bay Burning Man Regional Contact, co-owner of Inlatable Arts, and am the resident graphic artist for Earthdance Festival, Sea of Dreams, Envision Festival, Sonic Bloom Festival, and a number of treasured clients.

Graphic Artist & Marketing Specialist

ZDCA LogoZack has been a professional graphic artist since 1995. Prior to discovering his calling in digital art he was the editor of his college newspaper, a manager of a pre-press department, writer, journalist, environmental activist and community networker. With his lifelong friend, Damian Peters, Zack started Greenfield Graphics & Printing in 1997. The company’s artwork in print and electronic media developed a loyal following. After 5 years of running his own company, Zack decided to return to the workforce to gain more expertise in large project management, high-end database driven websites, visionary arts, branding, marketing, publicity, e-commerce and other industry skills. For two years, Zack worked as the Creative Director at Ursa Minor Arts & Media where he managed a full-service multimedia team at a state-of-the-art facility. Afterward he built a design & e-commerce department for marketing whiz, Mark Luzaich. There he worked with Kate Schneider for two years to build and manage many successful online stores.

Once the projects were complete, Zack and Kate joined forces and formed their own marketing, design & web development company, Zack Darling Creative Associates, which has its offices in Santa Rosa, California. ZDCA offers its clients a wide variety of new media, art and technology products and services to individuals and businesses and continues to build strong partnerships with companies, organizations and individuals that carry a common vision to bring consciousness to the world.

His passion for the creative side of graphic art is evident in his music industry designs, yet he also exceeds in creating high-impact corporate marketing materials. His mastery of the industry-standard design programs has allowed him to not only produce effective commercial designs, but also bring his graphics deep into the realm of fine digital art. It is this creative look that has built Zack a reputation as a dynamic visual artist in the music and event industry.

Event Producer, Production Manager

Zack Darling began his career as an independent event producer in the North Bay and San Francisco, where he cut his teeth in the dynamic underground and later professional rave scenes. In 1999, Zack co-founded the Mystic Beat Lounge, a new kind of production company that merged live concerts, DJ sets and performance theater (alá Cirque du Soleil), with 21st century visual effects, to create large-scale maximum multi sensory concert experiences.

In this time, Zack also produced many successful music events in clubs and other smaller venues through his nightclub, Decadance. Today, under Zack’s leadership, the Mystic Beat Lounge is best known for the Techno-Tribal Dance, a cutting edge production that has become an integral part of the Harmony Festival, the largest music festival in the North SF Bay Area. Over eleven years, Techno-Tribal has developed into an annual, 7,000 plus, over-the-top production characterized by cutting edge sound and visual technology with live, DJ and traditional music, fire theater, acrobatic and aerial performances, inflatables, and an interactive live-art zones.

Zack has also been the night time production manager and board member of the Harmony Festival, for many years he oversaw all of the festival’s after dark productions. Zack works with other producers as an event designer and consultant such as Earthdance Festival, Sea of Dreams, Burning Man, Reggae Rising Music Festival and many others. He has worked for Burning Man festival for 10 years and for 7 years, he served as the North Bay Burning Man Regional Contact. He is also partnered in Inflatable Arts, which specializes in large, illuminated three dimensional props that transform venues.

From his the 500 person night clubs to the 40K+ Burning Man Festival, Zack’s production experience has provided him with a broad understanding 21st century festival and concert production.

DJ / Performer

Zack is also an accomplished DJ and performer. CLICK HERE to learn more about his musical career