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Global Vision

Little Tribe is starting to build our grassroots movement here in Northern California, but we know ourselves to be planetary citizens and intend to build a model that we and others can activate elsewhere in the world. As time passes and our base of support grows, Little Tribe anticipates extending our activities to other communities in need, both in the USA and internationally.

Music-Therapy390 Cents of Every Dollar

Unlike most non-profit organizations, especially big ones, 90% of money donated to Little Tribe actually reaches the children’s programs we are here to help. Even the best and highest nonprofits spend up to 20% of their income on staff, fundraising, and other overhead. Our overhead is anticipated to be 5% of our gross donations raised, thanks to vital volunteer contributions. We align ourselves with with organizations that have only 5% administrative overhead, thereby ensuring that 90 cents of every dollar reaches the children we serve. (Benefit event profits are totaled after production costs are deducted.)

This means that your hard-earned money directly helps those who need it most: children who are in need of vital arts & music healing.

Put your heart to work and please join us in this cause.

Art-therapy5-Year Plan

Our business plan for the first year, beginning in the second quarter of 2013, calls for a modest $50,000 in funds to be raised. Our expected growth, projected at $25,000 per quarter, is 10% per year. We anticipate maintaining overhead at less than 5% by relying on the generosity of our volunteer artists and enrolled local officers who are committed to keeping Little Tribe’s mission thriving.

Music-therapy5Grassroots & Inspiration

Little Tribe Children’s Foundation is a grassroots, privately funded organization dedicated to the conviction that the lives of children who are underprivileged, troubled or in treatment and recovery can be and should be enriched through arts and music. Little Tribe gathers and distributes private donations to community and hospital-based art therapy programs, as well as recruiting artists and musicians to directly and indirectly contribute their genius for the benefit of these children.

LTCF-FacebookHelp us Get the Word Out!

Generous people such as you may contribute to Little Tribe’s efforts in several ways, including building Little Tribes presence in social media networks. Here’s how:

Explore our website, look around and learn what we’re up to. Then enroll in supporting us by helping spread Little Tribe’s mission via conversations with your Facebook, Twitter and email community. We all are people who consciously seek opportunities to contribute to our world and so are our friends and community. By acting together, Little Tribe Children’s Foundation can go viral, touching many more people and helping many more children.

Online social network media marketing is a proven success for many charitable organizations.  Many of these organizations use this as a sustainable model for their causes. You can easily help Little Tribe Children’s Foundation today! All you have to do is “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Then post a comment to your community about how Little Tribe has touched your heart. Once your words are passed through the social mediaverse, there is no telling how many children will be helped by your friends and their friends and their friends…by connecting them to Little Tribe.

Thank you for this simple act. Sleep well tonight knowing you did something to day that made a difference.